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EzStitch is the newest innovation in fascial closure.  Multiple SAFETY attributes combined with added valuable features results in port site closure taken to a whole new level.

Avoid potential glove laceration.  Instead of an exposed finger, utilize the notched guide for enhanced safety while locating the fascial edge.

Product Code: SE-EZS (Box of 5)
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1. Needle is ALWAYS protected by landing in the chamber of the guide

  • No sharp object is ever exposed in the peritoneum, so it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to injury anything inside the body


2. Notched guide for positioning on fascial edge, minimizing subcutaneous adipose tissue entrapment in the stitch

  • Simple, precise, consistent purchase of fascia

  • No fat necrosis because fat is not gathered in the stitch (reduction in SSI)

  • No dimpling of the skin surface post-op, improved cosmesis 


3. Extended length guide with Sealing Cone

  • Easy access even in the largest of patients

  • Fits down a 12mm or larger trocar to facilitate placement

  • Addresses defects from 10mm to large extraction sites ( up to 23 mm dia.)


4. Automatic suture capture mechanism (trap door) in distal chamber

  • Never have to worry about capturing suture or spending time “fishing” around the peritoneum; it’s done for you


5. Suture Passer with extending tongs creating large aperture

  • Never have to spend time doing simple things, like loading a suture

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